A collection of tasty synth recipes. Instruments and effects mixed together to form a tasty treat.

RECIPE #70 – Behringer Neutron in a Jam

Okay. I couldn’t resist anymore and now I’m the happy owner of Behringer Neutron. It’s quite capable instrument, I’d say. It has really extensive patchbay to mess around with and an analog delay built in. I always like to try a new instrument in a setup, or a jam. A semi-live situation. Showing different patches is fun and gives you an idea of what the instrument is capable of but tells you nothing about how the synth sits in a mix. So… there we are. Trying Behringer Neutron in a mix. Enjoy!


– Behringer Neutron

– Roland Boutique JU-06

– Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-32

– Arturia Keystep

– Empress Reverb

– Zoom Livetrack L-12 mixer

Hicut Recipe #70 Breakdown

NEUTRON: Neutron is being sequenced by the Keystep here, playing simple minor arpeggio. I use both the VCO’s. The second one is hard synced and modulated by the S&H module for a nice “random” effect. The LFO modulates the filter which is set up in the notch mode. LFO is modulated by VCO1 CV.

JU-06: It’s synced with the rest of the instruments via MIDI and it uses its own sequencer playing repeatedly one bass note, which for some reasons, is hardly audible. On top of that i play some malevolent chords.

PO-32: I like this little guy. It has some nice effects and stays in sync when it’s told to do so. Steady rhythm on his side.

KEYSTEP: It doesn’t make any sound of its own, but it delivers steady tempo for the rest of the pack.

EMPRESS: In this recipe I used the “reverse” reverb. Because - why not.

Hicut Recipe #70 Connections

AUDIO: Every instrument goes straight into the mixer. Reverb is set up on the aux channel.

SYNC: Keystep acts as a master clock delivering sync information to the PO-32.

MIDI: Keystep acts as a master clock delivering MIDI clock information to Neutron. From Neutron, via MIDI Thru it goes into the JU-06.

CV: Two CV connections here. For details check put the “Breakdown” paragraph.