A collection of tasty synth recipes. Instruments and effects mixed together to form a tasty treat.

RECIPE #67 – Medusa visits Thermae

I got a new effect. It’s called Thermae and it’s awesome. I cannot figure out what it does but it’s pretty cool anyway. I’m still exploring Medusa in this recipe and I think I haven’t even scratched the surface of this machine. It’s a remarkably deep instrument and the unison mode sounds just massive! There’s also the good old Korg Minilogue which, to my delight, still sounds great! Enjoy the recipe and leave a comment if you like it!


– Polyend Dreadbox Medusa

– Korg Minilogue

– Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-32

– Chasebliss Audio Thermae

– Moog Moogerfooger MF-107

– Empress Reverb

– Zoom Livetrack L-12 mixer

Hicut Recipe #67 Breakdown

MEDUSA: There’s a preprogrammed sequence here. I’m exploring modes of G minor. At least I think I do. The first eight steps create a static chord. Halfway through the recipe I change the sequence length to 64 steps revealing all the arpeggiated chords.

KORG MINILOGUE: At first it’s set up in poly mode. There’s a prerecorded pattern consisting of some crazy triads which I cannot name. At some point I change the poly mode into the arp mode to make things more interesting. In the outro there’s the poly mode again with some melody in the upper registers. Korg is treated by:

THERMAE: What a crazy effect it is. It’s a delay with some pitch shifting abilities. I don’t understand what’s going on here, but I dig it. And it works well on pads and arpeggios as well.

PO-32: It’s a simple hihat’ish sequence. Nothing too fancy. It triggers the MF-107 though.

MF-107: The hihat from the PO-32 triggers MF-107’s VCO which is tuned to match the key of the song. The mix knob acts as a crossfader between the hats and the bass sound created by the Fooger. Fun!

EMPRESS REVERB: My weapon of choice when it comes to reverbs. Set up on the aux channel.

Hicut Recipe #67 Connections

AUDIO: Medusa goes straight into the mixer. PO-32 is treated by the MF-107 and then goes into the mixer. Korg is treated by the Thermae and then goes into the mixer. Reverb is set up on the aux channel.

MIDI: Only one connection here. Medusa is a master clock. Korg acts as a slave.

SYNC: Sync out from Korg goes into sync in in PO-32 keeping everything nicely in time.