A collection of tasty synth recipes. Instruments and effects mixed together to form a tasty treat.

RECIPE #66 – OP-Z in a Jam pt.2

I really like this little grey box. It just sits so nicely in the mix. Besides the sequencer is just brilliant. And I haven’t even scratched its surface yet. In this jam I tried to use some more ingredients. The more the merrier! The chord progression is loosely based on the Cmin7 bass sequence. Whatever that means. It sounds good though. I tried to avoid Midi connections. In most cases you just don’t need that.


– Teenage Engineering OP-Z

– Korg Monologue

– Roland Boutique Tr-08

– Roland Boutique SH-01A

– Empress Reverb

– Strymon Dig

– Zoom Livetrack L-12 mixer

Hicut Recipe #66 Breakdown

OP-Z: It plays the arpeggio part here. Basically doubles the chords played by the SH-01A. It’s not synced in any way. And it plays the melody. I like these lead sounds, yet I’m waiting for some more synth engines to come.

KORG MONOLOGUE: This little bastard plays the bass sequence here (Cmin7) and is tightly synced with the drums via MIDI. That’s the only MIDI connection here.

ROLAND TR-08: Just good old 808. Nothing too fancy here. Synced with the Monologue.

ROLAND SH-01A: What can I say. One of my favourite pad machines. The poly mode in this thing is just brilliant. Don’t leave your studio without this particular boutique.

STRYMON DIG: My favourite Strymon delay. Hell. My favourite delay right now. This time it is set on the aux channel as an effect send.

EMPRESS REVERB: Yup. My weapon of choice when it comes to reverbs. Set up on the aux channel.

Hicut Recipe #66 Connections

AUDIO: All the instruments go straight into the mixer. Effects are set up on the aux channels.

MIDI: Simple. Tr-08 is a master clock and is synced with the Korg.