A collection of tasty synth recipes. Instruments and effects mixed together to form a tasty treat.

RECIPE #65 – OP-Z Solo

It’s a simple one. Not even a recipe. It’s more like exploring the single instrument. What I like about OP-Z is that it gives you the ability to store up to 10 different track mutes per pattern, making it very useful in live situations. Another thing is that you can stretch the single step duration. The practical use of that feature can transform a single bar track into a 8-bar progression. Neat!


– Teenage Engineering OP-Z

– Zoom Livetrack L-12 mixer

Hicut Recipe #65 Breakdown

OP-Z: The one and only ingredient here. It’s all in this little grey box. You have your simple drums in a four to the floor rhythm. The bass plays simple one-note pattern. The interesting things start to happen, when keys come into play. I tried to explore in this one some different modes revolving around the C note. The arpeggio plays the same notes as the keys do and the melody… is just the melody.

Hicut Recipe #64 Connections

AUDIO: Simple as it can be.