A collection of tasty synth recipes. Instruments and effects mixed together to form a tasty treat.

RECIPE #61 – Moog Grandmother vs Drummer From Another Mother

Grandma is still alive and kickin’. Now coupled with a distant family member - DFAM - which provides some nasty drums. There’s also my trusty old SH-01A which adds some space in this monophonic madness. Oh, and there’s Strymon as well, delaying those sounds. Everything is synced via CV. Grandma acts here as a master clock. Enjoy!


– Moog Grandmother

– Moog DFAM

– Roland Boutique SH-01A

– Strymon El Capistan

– Zoom Livetrack L-12 mixer

Hicut Recipe #61 Breakdown

MOOG GRANDMOTHER: Grandma is set on arp mode, playing simple one-note arpeggio. It provides clock impulses to other instruments. I use mostly one VCO in this patch and both highpass and lowpass filters.

MOOG DFAM: Oh, man. This instrument is crazy. There are a few things going on here. First of all VCO acts as a kickdrum which is tuned to B flat in order to resonate nicely with Grandma’s arps. There’s some noise overlay to add some grit to the sound. And lastly there’s a second VCO, which plays some kind of melodic sequence. There’s some simple patching involved as well. See the “connections” section.

ROLAND SH-01A: There’s a simple prerecorded 10 step sequence going on here. The sequence is triggered by the DFAM. Sound-wise it’s a simple patch, really. Some subtle pitch modulation. The signal is then treated by:

STRYMON EL CAPISTAN: I like this pedal! It’s a very organic delay. Here it works in stereo making the SH-01A more spacious.

Hicut Recipe #61 Connections

AUDIO: Grandma goes straight into the mixer. SH-01A goes into the Strymon El Capistan and then into the mixer.

SYNC: Grandma acts here as a master clock. Gate out goes into DFAM’s ADV/CLOCK input. TRIGGER output from DFAM goes into Roland’s EXT CLOCK IN.

CV: Grandma - a simple patch, where filters work in series. MIXER OUTPUT into HIGHPASS INPUT. HIGHPASS OUTPUT into LOWPASS INPUT. DFAM - PITCH into VCO2 CV. VELOCITY into VCF MOD.