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ROLAND BOUTIQUE TR-08 – It's the Overall Experience that Counts

One of my favourite Boutiques out there! I'm not going into debate which 808 is better. The original, the reissue, the second reissue or the clones. It really doesn't matter. I want the instrument to be fun to play, I want it to be inspiring. Hell, it can even sound bad, as long as it helps me with making music that I like. The TR-08 has it all. It's fun to play, it's easy to program, it sounds good and it looks amazing. Oh, and it's portable too. Don't let the analog pundits spoil you all the fun.  



– looks cool

– feels great

– sounds good


– copying patterns works the same as in the original - it's convoluted

HICUT SCORE: 808/808

SHOULD YOU BUY IT: If you're only after the sound, then no. Buy a sample pack. If you like nice things - sure!